MDN Importer issue unknown_browser

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There are 4 counts of this issue on 4 pages.


Here's a sample from the import of docs/Web/API/XSLTProcessor:

Error: Unknown Browser "Microsoft Edge".
The API does not have a browser with the name "Microsoft Edge". This could be a typo on the MDN page, or the browser needs to be added to the API.
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125    <th>Firefox (Gecko)</th>
126    <th>Internet Explorer</th>
127    <th>Microsoft Edge</th>
***    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
128    <th>Opera</th>
129    <th>Safari</th>

Imports with this issue

Here's the full list of imports where this issue was found:

Page name
docs/Web/API/XSLTProcessor Microsoft Edge
docs/Web/API/Element/scrollIntoViewIfNeeded Microsoft Edge
docs/Web/HTML/Element/meter Edge Mobile
docs/Web/API/HTMLElement/outerText Microsoft Edge